Summary Health Measures

Years of Potential Life Lost Before Age 75

Life Expectancy in Years, Male

Life Expectancy in Years, Female

Poor or Fair Health

Tobacco and Alcohol

Adult Smoking Prevalence

Teen Tobacco Use, 9th-12th Grade

Smoking-Attributable Mortality Rate per 100,000 People

Secondhand Smoke Exposure at Home Among Children

Adult Binge Drinking

Teen Excessive Drinking, 9th-12th Grade


Child Obesity Prevalence, Male, 5-18 Years of Age

Child Obesity Prevalence, Female, 5-18 Years of Age

Adult Obesity Prevalence

Adults Drinking ≥ 1 Sugary Drink Daily

Teens Drinking ≥ 1 Soda Daily, 9th-12th Grade

Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

Premature Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Mortality Rate per 100,000 People

Adult Hypertension Prevalence

Adult Diabetes Prevalence


New HIV Diagnoses per 100,000 People

New HIV Diagnoses from Male-to-Male Sexual Contact

New HIV Diagnoses from Heterosexual Contact

New HIV Diagnoses from Injection Drug Use

Retention in HIV/AIDS Care

Viral Suppression

Adults Never Tested for HIV, 18-39 Years of Age

Teen Sexual Health

Teens Who are Currently Sexually Active, 9th-12th Grade

Teen Births per 1,000 Teen Girls, 15-19 Years of Age

Maternal and Infant Health

Infant Mortality Rate per 1,000 Live Births

Low Birth Weight Births

Late or No Prenatal Care

Breastfeeding Initiation

Child Health

Children Up to Date on Immunizations, 19-35 Months of Age

Asthma Hospitalization Rate per 10,000 Children, <18 Years of Age

Child Mortality Rate per 100,000 Children, < 18 Years of Age

Access to Care

Adults Without Insurance, 18-64 Years of Age

Children Without Insurance, <18 Years of Age

Adults Covered by Medicaid, 18-64 Years of Age

Adults Forgoing Care Due to Cost, 18-64 Years of Age

Ambulatory Care Sensitive Hospitalization Rate per 100,000 People, < 75 Years of Age

Children with Dental Visit in Past Year, 3-17 Years of Age

Cancer Screening and Prevention

Cancer Mortality per 100,000 People

Adults with Colonoscopy or Sigmoidoscopy in Lifetime, 50-74 Years of Age

Women with Mammography in Past 2 Years, 50-74 Years of Age

Girls Completing 3-dose HPV Vaccine, 13-17 Years of Age


Homicide Mortality Rate per 100,000 People

Firearm Homicide Rate per 100,000 People

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Suicide Mortality Rate per 100,000 People

Teens Considering Suicide in Past Year, 9th-12th grade

Adults with Diagnosed Mental Health Condition

Built Environment

Limited Access to Healthy Foods

Access to nearby parks or outdoor space

Social Determinants of Health

Advanced or Proficient English Language Arts (ELA) Achievement in 4th Grade

On-Time High School Graduation

Adults Completing Some College, ≥ 25 Years of Age

Unemployment, ≥ 16 Years of Age

Philadelphians Living in Poverty

Children Living in Poverty, < 18 Years of Age

Social Capital